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The Effectiveness of HEPA Filters on DNA

Published June 2018

The Effectiveness of HEPA Filters on DNA

Congratulations to Kara Held Ph.D., Baker's science director! Her manuscript entitled "The Effectiveness of HEPA Filters on DNA" was accepted by peer review and published in Applied Biosafety journal, Volume 23 Issue 2. You can view the article here, published with SAGE and Applied Biosafety: doi.org/10.1177/1535676018766080

Kara’s research examined exactly how much DNA can penetrate a HEPA filter. As most laboratory techniques are performed in biosafety cabinets (BSCs) to provide contamination control of the experiments, by using specifically directed airflow and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration, potential contaminants are removed from the work area within the BSC. Researchers have speculated that DNA may not be captured by HEPA filters, allowing for contamination of subsequent experiments by aerosolized DNA. To learn more about Kara's study and results, along with her conclusion and recomendation, take a look at her white paper on the Baker website: https://bakerco.com/images/uploads/assets/1Baker-HEPA_White_Paper-S3_1.pdf

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