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New Partnership Agreement

EverCell Bio

New Partnership Agreement

The Baker Company, Inc. (“Baker”) a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of cell culture, biosafety, and contamination control technologies, has partnered with Evercell Bio, a specialized biotechnology company that facilitates and enhances the application of stem cell-based research by providing the most comprehensive and highest quality of customized cell modeling and product testing services.

The partnership brings continuous, physiologically relevant culture to stem cell workflows using the state-of-the-art SCI-tive Closed Cell Culture workstation. SCI-tive is a physiological workstation designed to mimic in vivo conditions by providing a continuous cell culture environment with an accurate, homogeneous biological atmosphere including oxygen, CO2, temperature, and humidity levels.

“We look forward to joining forces with Baker to bring a new standard to stem cell services and manufacturing,” said Philip Manos, CEO and founder of EverCell Bio.

Samir Patel, Global Sales Director at the Baker Company, commented, “We are very excited to be able to work closely with the stem cell experts at EverCell Bio.” He adds, “The EverCell Bio team will carry out some unique experiments to demonstrate the advantages of using a state-of-the-art closed cell workstation featuring physiological oxygen control, when creating and demonstrating stem cell expansion protocols. Therefore, EverCell Bio will become one of the first commercial labs to offer a physiological cell culture component to the range of testing, production and protocol creation services it offers.”

“We are eager to begin to probe the effect more tightly controlled culturing conditions will have on the overall generation and differentiation of stem cells,” said Kara Held, Ph.D., Science Director at the Baker Company. She continued, “Coupling the techniques developed by EverCell Bio with the state-of-the-art closed cell culture workstation will push the stem cell field to focus on quality and quantity of yield.”

The partnership combines Baker’s expertise with physoxia/hypoxia workstations together with EverCell Bio’s highly customizable stem cell services to create more physiologically and clinically relevant systems. Baker and EverCell Bio are pleased to announce the only SCI-tive demo site in the United States. Groups are invited to observe the workstation in action or test it out with their own cells. This will allow biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic groups to evaluate the impact of tight oxygen control on their cells and systems of interest.

For additional information on the demo site, contact Natasha Arora at EverCell Bio (demo@evercellbio.com).