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Lucid Scientific’s RESIPHER cell culture monitor has been selected as the 2021 instrument design Gold Medal winner by Instrument Business Outlook (IBO). In this post, we highlight the benefits of this product as expressed by CEO of Lucid Scientific, Walker Inman, PhD.

The RESIPHER system is designed to fit directly on top of a standard 96-well microplate. Using individual optical oxygen probes and a z-stage actuation system, the system provides real-time readings of cellular oxygen consumption from 4 or 32 wells simultaneously from inside an incubator or workstation. The system can characterize the time-course of metabolic response, track cell growth and observe real-time dynamic dose response. It’s flexible design also enables general application in a range of cell culture experiments.

“In any cell culture experiment, to know that the cells are doing well, to see that there are variations, or no variations between wells before you start a treatment, is incredibly valuable. This is true even if your primary interest is not metabolic activity or oxygen consumption,” explained Dr. Inman. “We set out to enable scientists to get this incredibly valuable information without requiring any changes to their existing workflow and without special plates or reagents.”

The system has been shown to make continuous measurements for up to a month. In addition, RESIPHER monitors environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to ensure consistent measurements.  The RESIPHER system allows end-users to access valuable information in a new way as they have a constant view of the experiment instead of a “single snapshot” that can be obtained from existing technology. This constant analysis means neither the cells or their environment are disturbed, making RESIPHER a less destructive option to traditional analysis equipment.

The design of the device communicates simplicity, ease of use and approachability as well as innovation. For example, the spatial orientation of RESIPHER, rather than buttons, controls its operation. When picked up off the microplate and held sideways, RESIPHER stops taking measurements and only resumes them when placed back on top of the microplate. In addition, light color and letter displays indicate status and track projects. Data is streamed to the cloud for instant access using a USB cable connected to an eight-port hub.

Dr. Inman hopes that this design indicates accessibility to labs and users. “We want the pricing to be such that every lab can have a drawer of several RESIPHER units so researchers will always have the information it provides on every new experiment. This simply isn't available with shared equipment in a resource center.”

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