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The Baker Company, Inc. today launched a new visual brand identity that will define a new era of technologies designed to help customers advance and achieve excellence in scientific work and clinical care

The Baker Company, Inc. today launched a new visual brand identity that will define a new era of technologies designed to help customers advance and achieve excellence in scientific work and clinical care. Long identified as the leader in the design and development of air containment and contamination control technologies, Baker is now uniquely positioned to recognize a trend toward not only applications in clean air and containment, but also new application needs for controlled environments and cell science. The rebrand is designed to communicate the full range of solutions it can make available to the global scientific and clinical communities.

“The promises we make to our customers remain the same, but like them and their research, we are evolving as well,” said Dan Eagleson, Director of Marketing. “We exist to help our customers advance science, discovery and clinical care by providing innovative solutions. We achieve that mission by delivering the very best equipment to our customers, while assuring performance through an uncompromising commitment to testing, training and industry-leading quality and craftsmanship. We are now building on that reputation, extending that same brand promise to a full range of solutions used in applications for air containment, contamination control, and controlled environments.”

In addition to its core line of biological safety cabinets, containment and clean air equipment, Baker produces specialized and OEM solutions for bio containment as well as modified atmosphere / gas-controlled workstations for a variety of applications in tissue/cell culture, cell biology, stem cell, and regenerative medicine. Baker also serves as distributor in the United States for:

  • Dometic Medical Systems, a supplier of ultra-low temperature freezers and biomedical refrigeration technologies;
  • Etaluma, a supplier of research-grade imaging instruments; and
  • Vacuubrand, a system for the aspiration and disposal of biological fluids.

Baker’s refreshed visual brand identity encompasses all solutions currently supplied through its sales channels, allowing customers to quickly and easily connect with its new business strategy for sub-brands and solutions for a wide variety of scientific and clinical applications. More specifically, to promote the solutions it supplies for controlled environments, Baker has launched the Baker Ruskinn brand, through which it evolves tools for applications requiring precise environmental control, including technologies for cell science and oxygen regulation.

“We hope this re-energizes the marketplace, rejuvenates the Baker brand and raises mind share among an existing and new generation of Baker customers,” Eagleson said. “The people at Baker thrive on delivering the tools that help others achieve their goals in life science, research and clinical care. We will continue to offer industry-leading training and support and place the protection of people, products and the environment above all else, including proprietary gain. We are deeply interested in – and carefully listen to – each customer, whose own success depends on the integrity, design and safety of the products we supply. Our customers have the peace of mind that the solution they’ve selected is the best choice to support their life’s work.”

About Baker

Since 1949, The Baker Company has been an industry pioneer in the field of biological safety with an unparalleled passion for helping its customers advance science, discovery and clinical care. The company was first established in response to a growing need to protect hospital workers from infectious diseases and the dangerous process of drug preparation. As solutions for air containment and contamination control have evolved over the years, Baker has been at the forefront of design and innovation, insisting on taking no shortcuts and applying no minimum standards to the solutions that they supply. Its Baker Ruskinn division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas-controlled, anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations for use in medical microbiology, cell biology, cancer research, molecular medicine and stem cell laboratories.