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The Baker Company, Inc. announced the creation of a new brand, Baker Ruskinn, through which it will evolve new tools for advanced cell research.

The Baker Company, Inc., the world leader in clean air, air containment and contamination control technologies, announced the creation of a new brand, Baker Ruskinn, through which it will evolve new tools for advanced cell research. The launch of the Baker Ruskinn brand follows Baker’s 2011 acquisition of UK-based Ruskinn Technology, Ltd. The harmonization of these two brands and their cutting edge technologies ensures that the new Baker Ruskinn brand will become synonymous with innovative, new solutions for precision cell culture and help fast track the understanding of how cells function in a diverse range of applications.

Ruskinn, founded in 1993, rapidly established itself as the world’s leading supplier of gas-controlled anaerobic and hypoxic workstations for use in medical microbiology, cell biology, cancer research, molecular medicine and stem cell laboratories. The Baker Ruskinn brand synthesizes Baker’s expertise in aseptic processing and containment technologies with Ruskinn’s core strengths in gas control and oxygen regulation, to develop future systems for cell science and cell processing with applications in cell biology, stem cell investigations and regenerative medicine.“At Baker, we have always strived to deliver the tools our customers require to achieve their goals in research, science and clinical care,” said Dan Eagleson, Director of Marketing at Baker. “The Baker Ruskinn brand is simply an extension of that promise to a range of solutions that are designed to provide the most optimal conditions for cell research, so that our customers may achieve excellence in every study or pursuit. We expect that this brand will re-energize the marketplace, bring focus to an emerging trend in cell science, and galvanize an existing and new generation of Baker and Ruskinn customers.”

The launch of the new brand encompasses several developments. The new Baker Ruskinn visual brand has been applied to existing Ruskinn product lines (InvivO2, SCI-tive, Bugbox and Concept). Additionally, Baker Ruskinn is rolling out upgrades to select product lines, including:

  • A more comfortable Ezeeyin™ glove port system that allows for faster direct hand entry and exit.
  • New gas mixing system, ICO2N2IC, that uses up to 40% less N2 over the previous gas mixing technology and saves bench space.

The first product released under the Baker Ruskinn brand – HypoxyCOOL™ – was launched in December 2013. HypoxyCOOL is an accelerated media preconditioning system that reduces the oxygen concentration in tissue/cell culture media. Its patent-pending media preconditioning process improves research results and enhances experimental control, while increasing productivity in the laboratory. Using HypoxyCOOL to precondition culture media boosts the effects of conventional tri-gas (CO2/O2) incubators and regulated-oxygen workstations by providing a physiologically-accurate oxygen level in the immediate cellular environment.

About Baker Ruskinn

Baker Ruskinn is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and precision low oxygen culture systems for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. Its advanced line of anaerobic chambers, hypoxia workstations and media conditioning solutions help improve research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies. Baker Ruskinn’s most recent innovation, HypoxyCOOL™, is the first commercialized system for quickly and precisely regulating dissolved oxygen levels in culture media, helping to improve research results, laboratory productivity and experimental control.