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Baker Ruskinn launch of next generation range of physiological cell culture workstations…InvivO2, “culture as nature intended”

The new InvivO2 range from Baker Ruskinn ensures that you can study even the most complex cell interactions under precise physiological oxygen conditions, as the range has been built to mimic the exact physiology of your research target as nature intented. Since 1998 Baker Ruskinn has been a global leader in anaerobic and precision low-oxygen culture solutions for microbiology and cell culture applications, striving to change the face of cell culture as we know it by introducing tools that mimic in vivo physiology.

Baker Ruskinn workstations, such as InvivO2, allow researchers to conduct cell culture processes under a continuously-controlled, physiologically-relevant atmosphere, from culture through assay and harvest. This is done by precisely controlling four variables that are critical to optimal cell growth: temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, and oxygen. The new range, with three models to choose from, is the outcome of years of listening to, and working with, customers to evolve the next generation of InvivO2 that delivers real benefits, furthering pioneering work and research. There are a host of features that you can trust and that bring immediate benefits... the removable pop-off front cover (Pop-Off™) makes set-up and cleaning so easy; the modular-design provides users with true flexibility to expand and upgrade work spaces. It is by getting the small things right that sets this range apart.

Other unique user-friendly features include: direct-hand access using Ezee-Sleeve™ port systems; a single plate entry system (SPES™) for instant insertion or removal of plates; and, enhanced purge cycle time (60 seconds). An intuitively engineered remote monitoring system allows total control, no matter where you are. The internal HEPA filtration is now standard on all models, ensuring an immaculate work enviroment within the workstation, currently unrivaled in the market. Another progressive feature is the incorporated ICONIC™ gas mixing technology which saves on bench space and delivers precision control over oxygen levels, using up to 40% less nitrogen than previous gas mixing technology, making it even more economical and flexible for laboratories.

There are a host of optional features and accessories to choose from, which enable the customer to configure or specify a solution tailored to their current and future needs; for instance, a customer may upgrade a single chamber workstation to a dual chamber workstation utilizing the same interlock in the future, without having to return the unit to the factory. And for peace of mind, Baker Ruskinn offers a two year warranty.

Innovation is at the heart of Baker Ruskinn. As a pioneer in developing oygen regulated solutions, they continue to push the boundaries, once again responding to the needs of users, while bringing the latest in technology and user-driven features to a range of products developed by scientists, for scientists.

Remarkable minds, need exceptional tools.

Certified leaders in the field, Baker Ruskinn develop technologies that enable you to fine control and monitor the growth environment, and set the conditions you require as a Scientist, to enable you to move closely to mimic the growth environment of cells and tissues found in the body.

Stefan Przyborski BSc PGCertHE PhD FRSB FAS FRSC - Professor of Cell Technology, School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Durham University

Baker Ruskinn equipment is instrumental in our research. We need to have an environment in which cells are isolated, sub-cultured, treated and harvested all under a defined oxygen level. The InvivO2 product allows us to take cells from a non-physiological traditional cell culture environment into physiologically relevant oxygen levels encountered in vivo.

Giovanni E. Mann BSc MSc PhD - Professor of Vascular Physiology, Cardiovascular Division, BHF Centre of Research Excellence, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King's College London

I can foresee, that in the not too distant future, abandoning room air culture completely and performing all cell research under physiological conditions, that Baker Ruskinn perfectly recreate

Tom Keeley, Final Year PhD student funded by the British Heart Foundation - Cardiovascular Division, BHF Centre of Research Excellence, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King's College London

About Baker Ruskinn

Baker Ruskinn, is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. Its advanced line of anaerobic chambers, physiological workstations and media conditioning solutions help improve research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies.