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Baker Ruskinn has exciting news for researchers conducting anaerobic and low-oxygen cell culture in North America.

Our controlled-oxygen workstations and media conditioning solutions are now available from SciPro, a distributor of scientific instruments and specialty accessories, including a full range of solutions for monitoring and controlling oxygen in cell culture. The partnership was announced today in a press release on Baker’s website.

Controlled-oxygen workstations allow researchers to conduct cell culture processes under a continuously-controlled, physiologically-relevant atmosphere, from seeding through assay and harvest. This is done by precisely controlling four variables that are critical to optimal cell growth: temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, and oxygen. Media conditioning protocols help to create physiological conditions directly in culture media by quickly and precisely deoxygenating media to user-defined levels. With the combination of a hypoxia workstation (such as SCI-tive or InvivO2) and a media conditioning system (such as HypoxyCOOL™), cells are never exposed to ambient conditions that cause cellular stress, lowering yields.

We are excited to be working with SciPro to expand our reach in North America. Baker Ruskinn is poised to change the face of cell culture as we know it by introducing tools that mimic in vivo physiology, and we know that SciPro will be able to carry that message to more researchers than ever before.

SciPro, which has supported researcher scientists in North American for more than 25 years, offers a full range of products for microdialysis, the compact HypoxyLab hypoxia workstation, and a range of oxygen, temperature, and blood flow monitors, in addition to the Baker Ruskinn line.

Visit SciPro’s website for more information or to request a quote.