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Spreading the love this February!

February is no longer just about Valentine’s day, it’s a whole month dedicated to appreciation, wellness, loyalty and spreading the love… not just in a romantic way! Why shouldn’t we celebrate February in the science world?

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Baker Ruskinn at King’s College London - Replicating Physiological Oxygen Levels


Baker Ruskinn at King’s College London - Replicating Physiological Oxygen Levels

On February 23rd the Inaugural Physiological Oxygen Workshop and Educational Initiative which Baker helped to pioneer, was held at King's College London.

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Expanding Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Hypoxia Workstation

In this video, Prof. Nicholas Forsyth, Associate Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at Keele University in the UK, discusses how the use of a hypoxia workstation helped his team to develop a more efficient method of expanding mesenchymal stem cells for potential therapeutic use.

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Working With Lab Instruments Under Low Oxygen

When working with cells that require a low-oxygen atmosphere to thrive, it is important to create a continuously controlled environment to avoid oxidative stress.

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Free Web Brief: Incubator Humidity Control Technologies

Please join us this Thursday for a free web brief on CO2 incubator humidity control technologies, produced by our friends at Mary Ann Liebert (publishers of Stem Cells and Development).

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Low-Oxygen Cell Culture: Hypoxia Workstations

Cell and translational research often involves complex incubations and manipulations that require precise physiological low-oxygen conditions. For these specialized applications, a hypoxia workstation provides a continuous, controlled environment.

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Low-Oxygen Cell Culture: Media Conditioning Systems

For cell culture applications that require the use of a controlled atmosphere to provide low-oxygen conditions, a media conditioning system can help improve laboratory productivity by quickly reducing the dissolved oxygen content of your culture media to the level your work requires.

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Cell Culture Equipment: Biological Safety Cabinets

In cell culture, creating the optimal environment for your work is everything.

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Regulating Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Culture Media

The fundamentals for a good research model not only includes the environment under which cells are contained, but also the media in which cells are grown.

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