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CO2 incubator air cleanliness is a primary concern for preventing contamination in cell culture.

Some manufacturers equip their incubators with a HEPA filter and claim to provide ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean air conditions inside the chamber. However, it takes more than simply placing a small HEPA filter inside the chamber to protect your cultures from airborne contaminants.

At a minimum, a CO2 incubator should provide:

  • A large, full-face HEPA filter to provide the most efficient particle capture
  • Vertical, unidirectional downflow air to prevent turbulence that stirs up contaminants
  • Quick recovery from door openings (less than 60 seconds)

How clean is the air inside your CO2 incubator? Check out our white paper that outlines how you can compare your incubator’s current air cleanliness technology with the latest available.

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