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There’s a new resource available for those who want to learn more about methods for growing tissue and cells under low-oxygen conditions.

Baker Ruskinn is proud to sponsor a new interactive e-book published by Stem Cells and Development, the journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. This exclusive free guide features articles from Stem Cells and Development, as well as educational resources for low-oxygen work.

The e-book contains:

  • Three low-oxygen studies from Stem Cells and Development
  • Baker Ruskinn’s recent white paper, “Conditioning Media to Target Dissolved Oxygen Levels”
  • An introductory video from Baker Ruskinn’s Science Director, Deborah K. Thibodeaux

Did we mention that it’s free? Download a copy of the e-book now.

Who Uses Hypoxia Workstations?

Have you ever wondered who uses low-oxygen workstations and what kind of research they are doing? See the growing list of researchers who have chosen to add low-oxygen workstations to their labs.

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