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New Model Workstation Temperature Mapping Performance Report


The Invivo2 / Concept / Concept-M Series Workstations have been recently remodelled. This report details the temperature uniformity throughout the work area within the workstation to ensure proper performance. These workstations will hold the temperature within ±0.3°C of set point.


Baker Ruskinn design and manufacture workstations for the anaerobic microbiology, cell biology, stem cell and regenerative medicine markets. These workstations have historically controlled temperature, humidity, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide concentration. As technology and science develops, our workstations will too, grow. This new upgraded model has been redesigned to meet and exceed these new expectations, one of which is to provide and maintain a uniform working environment for the end users’ cultures, which often require a tight temperature tolerance. As such these workstations are designed to minimise temperature variations within the user working volume to allow for even and stable growth conditions.


A representative workstation was commissioned and run at temperature (37°C) for a suitable period of time so that thermal equilibrium was achieved. A Fluke 971 calibrated Temperature Humidity Meter handheld temperature and humidity probe was then positioned at numerous locations within the workstations internal volume that users will use to store or inspect samples. The locations were listed as a 3D grid, with 5 locations horizontally (X-axis), 3 locations vertically (Y-axis) and 3 locations along the front to back plane of the workstation (Z-axis), totalling 45 sampling locations, as seen in Figure 1. The Z-axis locations were: 5cm in from the rear wall, 10cm in from the front screen, and the mid-point between the other two measurements. The temperature probe will be allowed to stabilize before moving to the next location. The temperature probe was ensured to have a valid calibration certificate (Appendix 1).

The temperature was measured at the nearest 0.1°C. The measurements were all taken with the same meter, and the results will be shown as a variation from the workstation set point to show temperature variance distribution.

Figure 1:  The measurement points are where the red lines intersect in the X and Y planes.  The Z plane locations are not shown.


LeftCenter LeftCenterCenter RightRight


LeftCenter LeftCenterCenter RightRight


LeftCenter LeftCenterCenter RightRight

Figure 2: Temperature variations (in °C) from setpoint at all sampling locations.

Figure 3: Temperature variation from setpoint (in °C) as shown as a heat map.


As seen in Figure 2, all variations from the workstation setpoint were within 0.3°C. 10 locations showed no variation from set point. Only 2 locations were as great as 0.3°C, which were both located along the bottom front of the workstation. The overall average variation is 0.0°C.


The measured temperature variation throughout the work area from the workstation set point was at most 0.3°C, which should meet most user’s culturing requirements.

Appendix 1: Fluke Temperature Humidity Calibration Certificate