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Stem cells reside in niches that have much lower oxygen concentration than many other parts of the body.

Hypoxia maintains the niche where stem cells stay in optimal condition that benefits the self-renewal capacities of human embryonic, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and neural stem cells.

In research setting it is very important to understand that the results of any given experiment are only as good as the methods they were produced with. In stem cell biology this is exceptionally important as low oxygen conditions ensure proper stem cell maintenance, differentiation and function. For purposes of regenerative medicine hypoxic pretreatment of stem cells has been proven to markedly increase the regenerative capacities and survival in the host environment. In order to achieve durable therapeutic effects in disease models culturing stem cells in low oxygen is a necessity.

To help stem cell researchers we provide a list of different stem cell types linked to their optimal O2 levels as well as the references to the articles. Also, for reference please see articles from:

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