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As the global fight against COVID-19 continues, Baker’s mission has never been more important. We are extremely proud to say that we are supporting those highly skilled and dedicated individuals with careers in Patient and Clinical Care.

1. Cytiva expands Massachusetts based Biomanufacturing site

Cytiva (formerly part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences) has recently completed an extensive renovation of its biomanufacturing and process development site in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The upgraded facility is 60,000 square feet and has bioprocessing capabilities ranging from 10L to 2000L. The new cutting-edge facility will assist in bringing therapeutics to the market faster.


2. Symbiosis and AstraZeneca sign supply agreement

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services has just announced that they have signed a supply agreement with AstraZeneca for the sterile manufacturing of their COVID-19 recombinant adenovirus vaccine known as AZD1222, in order to complete clinical trials. Through the agreement, Symbiosis will provide AstraZeneca with fast-track access to sterile drug product manufacturing capabilities.


3. Axon to leverage existing CDMO relationship

Axon says Switzerland-based Bachem, with who they have worked for more than 20 years will play a critical role in manufacturing the vaccine for trials and beyond. Axon says that Bachem will help to scale up its COVID-19 vaccine, which it claims can be used to protect a broader range of people, other than candidates.


4. Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases have weaker immune response

A research team from the Chongquing Medical University studied 37 asymptomatic cases, aging from 8 to 75 years old. The team found that the median viral shredding duration among asymptomatic cases was 19 days versus the 14 days among patients with mild symptoms. Therefore, this means that those with an asymptomatic infection have a weaker immune response compared with the symptomatic ones.


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