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Behind every COVID-19 test result, there is a medical laboratory Scientist or Technician playing a vital role.

At Baker, we have been supporting science and its discoveries for seven decades and will continue to do so for many more.

From those highly skilled and dedicated people working in Patient Care, Clinical and Research careers to those on the frontline, it is more important than ever that we will continue to support those who are helping to make our world a safer place right now.

1. Investment into Sanofi’s newest facility

An investment of $685m has been made into Sanofi’s newest research and vaccine facility in France. The plans includes spreading the investment over five years to create an industrial site for future vaccine production as well as creating 200 jobs. As Sanofi references the facility bringing capacity, it will be used to produce the potential COVID-19 vaccine that Sanofi are developing with GSK.


2. University of California have developed ‘nanosponges’

Researchers at the University of California have developed ‘nanosponges’. These are able to attract and neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in cell culture, causing the virus to lose its ability to hijack host cells and reproduce. The nanoparticles are designed to protect the healthy cells that the virus invades, rather than targeting the virus itself.


3. Immunization of 300 million children

Gavi the Vaccine Alliance has been given funds of $8.8bn in order to support the immunization of 300 million children within less economically developed countries against infectious diseases. The investment will help to prevent and manage the COVID-19 outbreak by helping to strengthen healthcare systems and potential vaccine distribution.


4. Millions of tests carried out worldwide

Worldwide, there have now been a total of 101,982,847 tests carried out. Here at Baker we have been #SupportingScience since 1951, including those highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are behind every COVID-19 test result.


5. Catalent to fill and package COVID-19 vaccine

Catalent has secured a deal to provide the filling and packaging services for the commercialization of The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, AZD1222. Catalent are prepared for around the clock manufacturing schedules to manage the supply of hundreds of millions of doses at their 305,000-square-feet facility in Anagni in Italy.


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