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Technology has always been a driving factor for the advancement of not only science – but for mankind as well.

Technology has always been a driving factor for the advancement of not only science – but for mankind as well.

In the field of science, industries constantly depend on technology provided by biological safety cabinets and other containment technologies that optimize innovation and performance within our environments.

As technology universally progresses, common questions come knocking at your door – When should I replace my biosafety cabinet?  How quickly will my cabinet be obsolete?  Are there any real benefits to upgrading?

The past 15 years have seen a surge in improvements for all aspects of technology and biosafety cabinets are no exclusion.  Advancements have transformed cabinets to be more versatile, safe, efficient, ergonomic and cost effective.

Although 15 year old cabinets are not by any means obsolete, they can be compared to earlier Apple or Windows operating systems.  Like older operating systems on CPUs, older biosafety cabinets lack improved features, performance and efficiency than that of their present-day counterparts.

Need more information to be convinced?  See our 5 reasons for upgrading your biosafety cabinet below:

Our 5 reasons for upgrading your biosafety cabinet

Energy Efficiency

According to an analysis published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, laboratories consume 5 to 10 times more energy per square foot than typical office buildings. A new biological safety cabinet has the potential to use up to 70% less power than an older BSC. Access to more energy-efficient equipment, without any sacrifice in safety and performance, will allow labs to decrease not only energy consumption and operating costs, but also their environmental impact.

Higher Performance

Current biosafety cabinets are built with newer, more durable parts that last up to 4 times as long as their predecessors. What this means to you is lower costs of ownership, which translates to a bigger bottom line for you and you company.


Manufacturers know that you spend a great deal of time working at these units and have been working to ensure that you are comfortable in your work environment. Innovations such as forearm supports, slanted viewing sashes, footrests and adjustable surface heights supply the comfort and flexibility you need to get your job done. Companies have also developed new systems to cut back on noise and improve access to panels, leading to a more comfortable environment.

Improved User Features

In order to enhance the versatility of BSCs, accessories have been developed to cater to any industry. Some of the more recent accessories include: Cable ports, ULPA filters, UV lamps, remote-controlled petcocks, reinforced work surfaces, seismic restraints and many, many more. These accessories have added numerous dimensions to the scope of work that can be completed within a cabinet.

Less Downtime for Service

Parts for older BSCs are becoming harder and harder to track down. For this reason, cabinets are facing longer downtime and higher costs of maintaining as they approach 15 years of use. Upgrading your cabinet will save on future repair costs and in most cases, give you peace of mind through a fair warranty.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with replacing your current biosafety cabinet that allow you to maximize your efficiency, comfort, and safety.

Which biosafety cabinet is right for your research?

The Baker Company, in over fifty years of experience, has led the industry in ensuring that you have the very best in safety, efficiency, ergonomics and quality. With so many new configurations, options and accessories, it can be overwhelming to choose a biosafety cabinet that suits your needs. Baker has developed a free decision map that will allow you to take advantage and navigate the many options that are out there today.

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