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Volume 1 No. 3

Decontamination of a HEPA Filter Using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor


Take a Look Inside the Baker Manufacturing Facility

Have you ever thought about the true craftsmanship that goes into every Baker cabinet manufactured in Sanford, Maine? Baker produced a video that gives a peek behind the “manufacturing” curtain to highlight the attention to detail put into each and every cabinet they deliver!

CondoCell Interview

AniGARD® Reduces Cage-to-Cage Cross Contamination Demo

Baker Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet - How it works

See how this class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinet protects your research from contamination and can save operating costs.

EdgeGARD HF Clean Bench - Product Protection Smoke Demonstration

Biological Safety Cabinets: Design and Efficiencies

March 2014: Learn about biosafety cabinet design, ergonomics and efficiency in this Lab Manager webinar featuring Baker's Midwest Regional Sales Manager Mike Beck.

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