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Why is the InvivO2 Hypoxia Workstation Suitable for Your Research?

Pr. Patrick Maxwell D.PhilFRCP from the Imperial College London, Hammersmith Campus discusses his lab's use of the Invivo 1000 hypoxia workstation to examine cells in a low oxygen environment and why it is suitable for their research.

SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation: Entering SCI tive via right hand and centre glove ports

SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation: Loading Interlock from outside

SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation: Start of the Day, Opening 2 Glove Ports

Expanding Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Potential Therapeutic Use

See how the SCI-tive hypoxia workstation makes a difference to Prof. Nicholas Forsyth from Keele University as he works with mesenchymal stem cells.

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