No minimum anything.

For 60 years The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment. Recognized as the industry pioneer, The Baker Company maintains an unparalleled passion for helping our customers advance science, discovery, and clinical care.

The people of Baker have built that reputation by taking no chances with customers’ safety and making no compromises when it comes to protecting the success of your research. Baker's laboratory products are built to order with precision craftsmanship and designed expressly for your unique application need. Our rigorous testing protocols go above and beyond what the average user would ever encounter and our quality control measures exceed industry standards. Our commitment to sustainable business practices and the development of a new generation of energy efficient products ensures that you — and your budget — will be pleased.

Here's how our can-do philosophy makes a difference to our customers.

No minimum anything.

Our global headquarters in Sanford, Maine houses our core operations: manufacturing, engineering and design, research, testing, quality control, technical support and customer service. This centralized, built-to-order approach helps ensure the highest standards, optimum efficiency, and most importantly, the greatest attention to detail on design and engineering. We believe this is not only the most innovative way to meet our customers’ needs, but also the way to assure the highest level of safety.

No shortcuts.

With any Baker Company product, you are guaranteed the most thorough engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. The construction of Baker laboratory equipment is marked by a focus on function, user comfort, durability - and always safety. Testing is rigorous, setting us apart in the industry. We were the first company to establish performance envelopes for every type of biological safety cabinet.  We are the only manufacturer to routinely subject its own equipment to extensive microbiological aerosol testing. We test in the most challenging conditions—above and beyond what the average user would ever encounter. We are always driven to exceed the minimum standards.

We take it personally.

Baker thrives on helping scientists and researchers achieve their mission in almost every kind of endeavor and a wide variety of industries, including biotech, pharmacy, government, clinical and medical education research. Our employees, from our engineers to our customer service representatives, are motivated by the trust our customers have placed in us to protect life — your life, the life of your research, and ultimately the lives you save through discovery and healing. Every unit comes backed by a team of leading experts who thrive on problem solving for customers, offer industry-leading training and support, and place the protection of people, products and environment above all else. This unique approach ultimately provides you — our customer — with the highest level of safety possible and peace of mind that the product you’ve selected is the best choice to support your life’s work.

Make the world a better place.

In research and clinical care, you are dedicated to making the world a better place. We not only share your passion for your work, but the wider mission of dedication to principles of sustainability and responsibility. Learn more about our commitments.

A passion for real value.

Baker products have earned a reputation for maximum return on investment through lower life cycle costs and more years of trouble-free operation than those of any other manufacturer.

We are growing to serve you.

Baker expanded its headquarters in 2007, building a second biological testing laboratory and expanded cabinet testing facilities, doubling Baker’s microbiological testing capacity. These additional testing facilities not only insure the performance of Baker products, but also allows us to accelerate testing of new product designs.

In 2011, Baker acquired South Wales-based Ruskinn Technology Ltd., a leading manufacturer of anaerobic and modified-atmosphere workstations. Ruskinn is renowned for its closed cell culture expertise, which Baker combines with its own aseptic processing and containment technologies to evolve tools for applications requiring precise environmental control, including technologies for cell science and oxygen regulation.

Most recently, in 2014, Baker launched a refreshed brand identity that defines a new era of technologies designed to go beyond "Creating Immaculate Atmospheres" to creating optimal "Environments for Science." The new brand communicates the full range of solutions that Baker has to offer.

The Baker Legacy

Six Decades of Pioneering Developments in Immaculate Atmospheres

  • Baker Company Founded

    The company was first established by Art Baker as a response to the need to protect hospital lab workers from infectious diseases and the dangerous process of drug preparation.

  • "World's" First Clean Air Cabinet Sets Industry Standard

    Baker designs and builds the first clean air work station. Many of today's industry standards for quality, performance and construction are based on original Baker concepts and innovations. Later that decade, Jack Eagleson joined the company and brought with him extensive experience with HEPA filter technology.

  • Baker Originates High Velocity Return Air Slots

    The Baker Company, for years the only manufacturer of clean-air workspaces, introduces new concepts in airflow control leading to the introduction of the original High Velocity Return Air Slots on the patented EdgeGARD® clean bench. Today, the EdgeGARD® remains the most efficient horizontal flow clean bench in the industry.

  • Baker Develops Momentum Air Curtain for Maximum Containment

    Baker's unique airflow design creates a more impenetrable air barrier or "momentum air curtain" at the front of the cabinet, increasing the cabinet's protective capabilities. The Baker BioGARD® is one of the first biological safety cabinets to incorporate the momentum air curtain, which remains the most effective method of maintaining maximum containment in an open front cabinet.

  • Industry's First Vertical Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet for Increased Protection

    Baker answers the challenge of expanding needs in the life science field by introducing BioGARD®, the first vertical laminar flow biological safety cabinet. BioGARD® is the first cabinet to protect the user as well as the work being performed inside the cabinet.

  • Baker Is First to Enhance Safety with Negative Pressure Plenum Surrounding Contaminated Positive Pressure

    Based on a continuing commitment to research and testing, Baker dramatically improves biological safety cabinet standards with the development of SterilGARD®, the first cabinet to completely surround contaminated positive pressure plenums with negative pressure to enhance safety.

  • Baker Is First to Provide Maximum Personnel Protection from Chemical Vapors and Gas

    Baker maintains its innovative position in the industry by being the first to manufacture a Class II, Type B safety cabinet, designed in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute. Later Baker develops BiochemGARD® and SterilchemGARD®, 100% total exhaust cabinets (Class II, Type B2), for increased safety and reliability for operating personnel.

  • In-House Microbiological Testing for Routine Performance Review

    Baker is the first company in the industry to establish a state-of-the-art microbiological aerosol testing laboratory at its manufacturing facility. Baker remains the only company, which routinely performs extensive biological tests on all equipment made.

  • Baker Is Chosen for NASA SpaceLab

    Lockheed Aircraft Biosystems chooses Baker to design a general purpose biological safety cabinet for the SpaceLab shuttle flight.

  • Definition of Performance Envelopes Maximize Personnel and Product Protection

    Through extensive research and testing, Baker develops the concept of a performance envelope for biological safety cabinets, which maximizes personnel and product protection of each inliidual cabinet by establishing the optimum setpoint. The Baker Company is the only manufacturer to test its products based on the principal of performance envelopes.

  • Baker Establishes The Eagleson Institute

    Baker initiates formal industry education programs covering Class II biological safety cabinets. These unique training seminars, now conducted by the renowned Eagleson Institute, continue to provide vital information and instruction for researchers, safety officers, facility engineers, equipment certifiers, pharmacists and laboratory technicians from around the world.

  • SterilGARD® III Advance° Increases User Comfort and Safety

    Baker introduces SterilGARD® III Advance°, the industry's most advanced, ergonomically styled Class II, Type A/B3 biological safety cabinet. This new cabinet design represents significant advances in user comfort and safety, along with the highest performance available from any biological safety cabinet on the market today.

  • Baker Introduces Animal Research Products Designed with You in Mind

    With the emergence of new technologies in the use of mammalian cell culture models, Baker develops and introduces a new line of biological safety cabinets and clean benches based on proven combinations of performance, ergonomics and cost containment. Designed to meet the needs of animal research and production laboratories, this new generation of products includes animal transfer and cage management platforms, necropsy and waste disposal stations to protect users and animals alike.

  • Baker Leads the Industry in Reclassification of Terminology to Meet New NSF/ANSI Standard #49, 2002 for Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Types

    When changes in the NSF/ANSI Standard 49 - 2002 were adopted in 2002, Baker Class II, Type A/B3 biological safety cabinets were re-classified as Class II, Type A2 cabinets in an effort to clarify performance and exhaust criteria. Baker publishes a comparative performance chart (Guide To Biological Safety Cabinets) to assist in understanding cabinet performance differentials and containment profiles.

  • Baker Introduces Compounding Isolators For Pharmacy Safety

    In response to increasing demand for improved safeguards in pharmacy compounding and cytotoxic chemical preparation, Baker introduces new glovebox cabinets to meet specific applications in hospitals, pharmacies and clinical treatment centers. The Baker ChemoSHIELD® glovebox with interchange creates better than Class 100 air quality within a negative pressure work area protecting both the user as well as the admixture in process. For product protection, the Baker SterilSHIELD® glovebox with interchange offers better than Class 100 air in a positive pressure work chamber that prevents airborne contaminants from migrating to the formulation from the pharmacy.

  • Baker Announces Baker Bioscience Solutions –
    High Performance Products for Laboratory Professionals

    Baker BioScience Solutions, a newly formed liision of The Baker Company, Inc., offers a collection of biomedical refrigeration products that compliment the core line of contamination control products. The partnership with Dometic Medical Systems, a globally recognized specialist in biomedical refrigeration offers a collection of biomedical refrigeration solutions for the life science industry.

  • Baker Releases the Energy Efficient SterilGARD® e3 Class II,
    Type A2, Vertical Flow Biological Safety Cabinet

    The new SterilGARD e3 (Energy Efficient Engineered) biological safety cabinet provides significant energy savings while maintaining the highest safety and performance standards. The SterilGARD e3 is also the only BSC in the industry that offers the ReadySAFE mode: an idle mode that makes the cabinet instantly safe upon resuming work.

  • FlexAIR® Exhaust Connection Incorporated for Increased Biological Safety

    Cabinet venting saves energy and provides safer cabinet performance. Baker's new FlexAIR Exhaust Connection combines the safety of a traditional canopy (thimble) exhaust connection with the lower exhaust flows of a traditional hard exhaust connection.

  • Baker Introduces the BioChemGARD e3, the Industry's Most Energy Efficient, Total Exhaust Biological Safety Cabinet

    The BioChemGARD e3 Class II, Type B2 cabinet is engineered to operate with a reduced exhaust airflow and resistance. This minimizes noise, cuts the electrical power and static pressure requirements, while significantly reducing the volume of conditioned air exhausted from the laboratory. Together, Baker's exclusive technologies deliver an average reduction of 49% in a lab's annual operating costs.