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Lab Crafters provides laboratory furniture and fume hood solutions of the highest quality and value through innovations in design

Lab Crafters is a premier manufacturer of laboratory casework, furniture systems and fume hoods. A commitment to ingenuity has allowed them to provide the most respected and innovative laboratory products the industry has to offer. In a demanding market, the mission of Lab Crafters has always remained constant: To make your lab work for you. Their products are manufactured to deliver industry-leading dependability and safety to all science and technology projects around the globe.

History of innovation

History of innovation

Lab Crafters is a family-owned and operated business, tracing its history through three generations. Lab Crafters has enjoyed steady growth through the years by providing the highest quality products in the market and developing innovative designs. Lab Crafters introduced the first high performance, low velocity fume hood to the industry in 1997. The Air Sentry fume hood revolutionized fume hood performance paradigms and gave rise to safer and more efficient fume hoods. Lab Crafters continues to stay on the leading edge of industry trends by conducting a significant amount of research with designers, architects, and user groups. Their fume hoods and furniture systems are the basis of design for countless high-end science and technology projects.

Air Sentry by Lab Crafters - High Performance Fume Hoods

The Lab Crafters Air Sentry® rethinks the concept of fume containment by applying principles of fluid dynamics and advanced design features to control the airflow pattern within the hood, along with an integral safety control system built onto the fume hood to provide the safest research environment under the widest range of laboratory conditions. The Air Sentry’s efficient design and reduction in exhaust airflow volume typically reduces laboratory fume hood operating costs by half. Air Sentry is the most technologically advanced fume hood on the market and has been proven, time and again, to significantly outperform the competition in terms of both containment and guaranteed energy savings.