Posters and Presentations

How to Better Mimic Cell Physiology  New!

In February 2017 Baker Science Director Kara Held presented at the Inaugural Physiological Oxygen Workshop and Educational Initiative held at King's College London. The workshop which Baker helped to pioneer highlighted the importance of replicating physiological oxygen levels for standard in vitro culture models with cardiovascular cells. 

Regulating Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Culture Media

Ruskinn Global Sales Director Samir Patel and Science Director Deborah Thibodeaux presented a poster at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2013 Annual meeting that relayed product quality and biological test results for HypoxyCOOL™.

The Science Behind HypoxyCOOL™

Research from Keele University.

The Effectiveness of HEPA Filters on DNA

It has been speculated that DNA may not be captured by HEPA filters, allowing for contamination of subsequent experiments by aerolized DNA. Here we propose to: 1. Determine if DNA is captured by a HEPA filter. 2. Discover if DNA can be dislodged from a HEPA filter. 3. Discern whether Type A2 BSCs will prevent DNA contamination.