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Etaluma LS720


A dramatically new concept in simple, inexpensive, and accessible fluorescence microscopy.

The Etaluma LumaScope provides provides fluorescence and brightfield capability in a small, portable, and easy to use microscope. Small enough to fit into a cabinet or workstation, the Lumascope is available with select new and existing Baker and Baker Ruskinn equipment.

The powerful, new Lumascope 720 (LS720) adds walk-away automation to the many features and high performance of the flagship 3-color LS620. Exquisite XY motion control, motorized focus that allows autofocus and z-stacks, and easy-to-configure software combine to facilitate your microscopy experiments and high content screens. Place the LS720 in your incubator and you have a live cell imaging system at a fraction of the cost of conventional HCS systems. Whether imaging multiple fields in your flasks or 1536 wells of cells with 3 fluorophores in a 48 hour time-lapse, the 720 offers a whole new world of automated microscopy!

LumaScope provides the three most important accessibility traits: It is significantly less expensive than other scopes, it is much easier to use, and its size and portability make it available anytime, anywhere. All without sacrificing the image quality you demand.


  • Automated XY stage with autofocus in Z provides images (photos), time-lapse series, and videos recorded directly to your computer
  • Fully functioning microscope empowers users to visualize cells from microplates, flasks, slides or custom labware
  • Modern LED and advanced optical design provide near diffraction-limited (theoretical maximum) resolution
  • Robust software allows set-up and control across many locations, including microplates and custom arrays
  • Versatile and compact design enables use inside cell culture incubators and hoods
  • Detects blue, green and red fluorophores, including BFP, DAPI, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP & mCherry
  • Flip-up deck allows easy objective access
  • Used manually, but also robot compatible (RS485, RS232, 5V digital interfaces)
  • Objective compatibility with standard lenses permits use of your own objectives

Applications and Highlights

  • Cell presence and distribution
  • Cell confluence
  • General cell health
  • Fluorescent protein expression
  • Label brightness

More sophisticated uses are also easily achieved with the LumaScope: cell counting or hemocytometry and growth monitoring. Using the LumaScope, it is possible to monitor cells remotely through the web from within a tissue culture incubator, overnight, away from the lab.

  • Long-term incubator imaging and Time Lapse
  • Cell doubling and movement measurements
  • Stem Cell differentiation movies

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