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CondoCell™ provides luxury accommodation for cells!

CondoCell™ maintains key environmental conditions your cells require for survival when threatened by ambient conditions from outside of the culture environment (e.g. incubator door openings).


The CondoCell™ System

The CondoCell™ System

Each of our unique solutions may be utilized separately or in conjunction with one another to improve results, based on the needs of your research

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Mitigate the risk of cross contamination between cultures and from room air particulates. Allows for limited transport to/from an incubator or workstation while maintaining the culture environment

Clear lid and base allows up to 20X microscopy without disrupting the culture environment

Increased productivity – researchers can now co-work within a single workstation

Filtered, protected and contained environment

Easy to clean and sterilize

AeroPROTECT 360°

AeroPROTECT 360° is a truly versatile containment enclosure for laboratory automation. Baker's exclusive technology maximizes product protection and meets or exceeds NSF International Standard 49 microbiological aerosol testing criteria for product and personnel (user) protection.

Performs like a biosafety cabinet

Performs like a biosafety cabinet

AeroPROTECT 360° features a series of four biocontainment enclosures designed specifically to house robotics systems, such as automatic liquid handlers.

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AeroPROTECT 360° is uniquely designed to provide the best protection from aerosols and particulates associated with the use of automatic liquid handling systems. All exhausted air is completely HEPA filtered. In addition, the interior of the enclosure is completely bathed in unidirectional, non-turbulent HEPA filtered air, offering product protection and an aseptic work environment. Microbiologically aerosol tested to Baker’s rigorous standards to ensure optimal containment and protection, providing the performance you should expect from a biosafety cabinet.

Multiple 8” (203mm) sliding sashes allow access to the work surface and is the primary means of access to ensure user protection.

Durable view screen for the clearest view, made of scratch proof mar resistant polycarbonate materials.

Top hinged front view screen and rear access, offering easy equipment loading.

Clear visibility into the work area from all sides for easy monitoring.