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Fume Hood

Designed for Unparalleled Safety

Fume hoods are designed to provide personnel protection from toxic or volatile chemicals by continuously delivering airflow away from the user to the work area. Air is then filtered and/or treated by the building's exhaust system before exiting the facility. Fume hoods reduce potential exposure hazard to personnel, including contaminant concentrations near the edge of the sash. Fume hoods offer no protection to the product or environment. Specially designed fume hoods are required to provide protection from radiological hazards.

Both the ChemGARD® and ChemGARD-RI® (Radioisotope) fume hoods employ unique airflow characteristics within a streamlined, unobstructed work area to provide uniform, energy-saving operation, minimizing backdrafts, turbulence and eddy currents.

ChemGARD reduces chemical exposure to personnel by:

  • Substantially reducing roll effect (fluctuations in the airflow that may cause harm to the worker)
  • Offering a streamlined, unobstructed work area
  • Minimizing lingering concentrations above and behind the viewscreen
  • Reducing contaminant concentrations near the edge of the sash (window), and therefore reducing potential exposure hazard to personnel

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