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Preventive Maintenance Program

Our program will improve the timeliness and efficiency of annual biosafety cabinet maintenance while lowering administrative costs. Contact us to sign up or learn more.

Preventive Maintenance Program Details:

What is the Preventive Maintenance Program?

The Preventive Maintenance Program includes annual inspection and certification of your Baker biological safety cabinets to ensure they are operating at the recommended specifications.

What happens during an annual biosafety cabinet inspection?

During each annual inspection, a qualified, Baker-approved service technician will inspect, repair, and certify your Baker biosafety cabinets on-site. Each inspection includes checks of gasket seals and airflow balance, as well as a filter leak test and electrical test. At the end of the visit, the service technician will send a detailed field service report back to Baker, and a Baker representative will contact you with the findings.

Why should I sign up for the Preventive Maintenance Program?

By signing up for automatic annual biosafety cabinet inspections through Baker’s Preventive Maintenance Program, you will never need to remember to schedule service again. Just sign up, and when it’s time for service, Baker will schedule an inspection for you on a convenient date. Additionally, you will save administrative cost and time by avoiding the need to gain internal approvals every year. And because you will only be working with Baker-approved technicians, you can rest assured that only the right preventive maintenance will be performed by someone who is familiar with your cabinet and its operation, reducing downtime and giving you peace of mind.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to sign up for the Preventive Maintenance Program. Just contact us.