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Validation Services

Baker can provide you with the documentation necessary for you to perform the Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) protocols associated with the installation of our equipment within your validated processes. Contact us to learn more.

Validation Services Details:
A certified process ensures that qualified equipment is used pursuant to validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Those SOPs that are applicable to equipment and instruments are classified as follows:

Installation Qualification (IQ) documents that the specified equipment was received and properly installed in a suitable environment. IQ is also required for used equipment installation, equipment moved within a facility or connected to modified systems at the facility or subject to a changed SOP. IQ is performed by the customer of their designated 3rd party.

Operational Qualification (OQ) documents that the equipment still meets its specifications after installation in the customer’s facility. OQ should be performed by the customer or their designated 3rd party and must be performed at least annually for every piece of equipment.