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Recognized as the industry pioneer, Baker maintains an unparalleled passion for helping our customers advance science, discovery, and clinical care.
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Our Products

As the pioneer and leading innovator of air containment, contamination control and precision cell culture products, Baker doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to protecting you or your research.
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Through innovation and collaboration with customers we develop truly revolutionary technology in biocontainment and contamination control, for a wide variety of industries and applications.
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An area of evolution and expansion. Both Baker and Baker Ruskinn supply solutions for an ever-changing global cell culture market.
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Through aligning ourselves with industry leading experts, Baker has a strong understanding of the wider industry and the complex problems our customers face.
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We aim to forge partnerships with other commercial brands who share a similar passion for advancing science and clinical care so that together we may supply our customers with an optimal tool set for their work.
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Environments for Science

Baker has helped advance science, discovery and clinical care by pioneering innovative solutions for air containment, contamination control and controlled environments. Baker biological safety cabinets, clean benches, fume hoods, and pharmacy isolators provide unparalleled user and product protection for a variety of applications.

Our solutions for cell science and oxygen regulation, including the Baker Ruskinn line of physoxia workstations and anaerobic chambers help improve research results by providing a more precise, controlled environment for low-oxygen and anoxic studies.

Our InvivO2 line of physiological oxygen, cell culture workstations are designed and built to mimic the physiology of your subject matter, giving you the reassurance of precise results under controlled conditions.

AeroPROTECT 360° is a truly versatile containment enclosure for laboratory automation. Baker’s exclusive technology maximizes product protection and helps meet ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air cleanliness requirements.

The SterilGARD® biological safety cabinets from Baker offers a revolutionary airflow management system with proven containment technology that saves energy, increases productivity and improves comfort.

Innovate + Educate


Introduction to Clean Benches

The laminar flow clean bench is a work bench or similar enclosure which has its own filtered air supply. The clean bench was developed as an adjunct to clean room technology (the need to protect the work from contamination).

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The Effectiveness of HEPA filters on DNA

Baker is committed to providing industry-leading innovation and educational resources to its customers and the scientific community. Produced periodically, the Acumen Series offers the latest in-depth information on product testing, research and innovations.


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