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Quality Policy

Our commitment to providing the highest quality, best performing, most reliable products ensures that our customers are satisfied and that we remain their supplier of choice.

Baker designs and manufactures products which provide optimal "Environments for Science". We will produce high quality, innovative products that satisfy or exceed customer expectations, safety requirements, and applicable regulatory requirements.

Baker strives towards customer satisfaction through Continual Improvement in all aspects of the customer experience: from initial sales contact through long term product support.

Our employees will be dedicated to providing top quality products and service to our customers in the Life Sciences by doing the job “Right the First Time”. Each individual will be responsible for and empowered to implement Continuous Improvement in his/her job activities.

Baker is also committed to applying a thorough evaluation into the business practices, policies and procedures inherent to our suppliers, distributors, notified bodies and subcontractors with respect to:

  • Quality supply management
  • Quality production systems
  • Quality innovation and design
  • Risk management
  • Adherence to applicable regulatory and customer requirements
  • Implementing ISO 9001:2015 International Standard
  • Management is committed to setting objectives for continuous improvement.