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Making the world a better place

In research and clinical care, you are dedicated to making the world a better place. We not only share your passion for your work, but the wider mission of dedication to principles of sustainability and responsibility.


Baker is committed to the efficient use of our natural resources. That's why we offer the safest, best performing products for you and your work, while also developing technologies to increase efficiency.

Our Products: Exclusive Energy-Efficient Features Save Time and Money

Beginning in 2008, Baker began introducing its Energy Efficient Engineered (e3) line of industry-leading Class II biological safety cabinets and animal research products. The e3 line utilizes revolutionary fractional horsepower VFD motor technology to deliver significant, quantifiable energy savings, less noise and vibration. Our exclusive FlexAIR® canopy exhaust connection further reduces the use of conditioned air - the primary source of operational cost - by up to 30%. Across all product lines, Baker products provide the longest filter life in the industry, reducing the use of toxic chemicals needed for decontamination.

Our Company: Committed to Ongoing Sustainability and Process Improvement

Baker is proud of its use of sustainable business practices. Low-energy light fixtures installed throughout our factory offer brighter light while using 50% less energy. Painting operations were overhauled from solvent-based to the more environmentally-friendly powder-based paints, practically eliminating harmful VOC emissions and toxic waste. Ongoing migration of all internal documentation into a paperless approach and expanding the product information available on our website is part of our commitment to preserving natural resources too.

Giving back

One of Baker's core philosophies is that we all have a responsibility to the community where we live and work. That’s why Baker is a proud supporter of the annual United Way workplace campaign. Every year, Baker employees contribute to the United Way of York County through voluntary payroll deductions that are matched by Baker. We are proud to be recognized with a Gold Participation Award year after year.

Employee giving also spreads to other areas in the community. Efforts include a yearly food drive for the York County homeless shelter, and also for the animal shelter in nearby Kennebunk. And, during the winter holidays, Baker supports a “Christmas Angels” effort for the Salvation Army, granting children's holiday wishes by purchasing clothes and toys.

Promoting Lab Safety and Environmental Protection

Baker also has a history of supporting our wider scientific community. Baker contributed significantly to the entire laboratory field around the globe through the founding of The Eagleson Institute, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting the principles and practices of laboratory safety through seminars, online videos, scholarships, lectures and a worldwide referral service.

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