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BSC MythBusters

There are so many rules, guidelines and rumors associated with installing, maintaining and working properly within a Biosafety Cabinet. We want to better understand which of the ‘myths’ are true. Throughout 2019, Baker will be busting (or not busting in some cases) common laboratory myths. 

If you have a myth that you'd like busting, email mythbusters@bakerco.com

BSC MythBusters

BSC Mythbusters

Common Disinfectant Chemical Compatibility with Stainless Steel Poster

Here's a handy chart of commonly used cleaners and their compatibility with 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.


Heat sources in a Biosafety Cabinet Compromise Experimental and User Protection Research Paper

Keeping a contamination free environment in the laboratory has commonly been achieved by one of two ways: a flame or a biosafety cabinet (BSC). However, it has been frequently observed that the two practices have been combined, where a heat source has been used within the BSC. Read more...


BSC Mythbusters: Does Heat Really Affect Protection? Presentation Download

BSC MythBusters: Does Heat really Affect Protection? PowerPoint presentation from 2018 ABSA Conference, Charleston, SC


ABSA 2018 MythBusters Presentation- Heat BSC Protection Video

BSC MythBusters: Does Heat Really Affect My Protection? Watch the presentation given by Kara Held, Ph.D., Baker's Science Director, at the 2018 ABSA Scientific Session on Wednesday, 10/10/2018. In her presentation, Kara explores the facts behind this common lab myth!

BSC MythBusters: Can HEPAs Filter Out Everything Poster

HEPA filters are the main line of defense against contamination in Biosafety Cabinet construction - but how much do they actually filter? 


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