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Center of excellence for physiological cell culture

Last month, we sponsored the second physiological workshop at King’s College London. The workshop was attended by a number of UK Universities including University College London, The Francis Crick Institute, Oxford University, University of Birmingham and of course King’s College London, who hosted the workshop.

The workshop had over 30 attendees who had a handful of presentations understanding why mimicking cell physiology is essential in future science. After a morning of inspiring presentations, we had a hands-on session working within our very own Baker Ruskinn workstations.

To finish off a truly inspirational day, we had a phenomenal keynote lecture from Prof. Prem Kumar who is a lecturer at the University of Birmingham. The findings presented as part of the keynote astonished the audience. When considering the evolution of oxygen on Planet Earth and how that has created the building blocks for cell physiology at 5% O2 – all cellular mechanisms evolved over 1 billion years when the earth’s atmosphere was around 5% O2. The message from the findings is that culture at 20.9% defies evolution!!

We have already pencilled in a date for a workshop at the University of Birmingham focussing on sleep apnea. Email our marketing team for more information on the collaborative workshops we are planning for 2018!