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Newly Installed InvivO<sub>2</sub> 400 with Lumascope


Newly Installed InvivO2 400 with Lumascope

Bianca and Praveen from Professor Stefanie Jeffery’s lab at the University of Stanford with their newly installed InvivO2 400 with Lumascope inside, all supplied by Baker.

5th Meeting in Current Trends in Hypoxia Research – India Hypoxia Net


5th Meeting in Current Trends in Hypoxia Research – India Hypoxia Net

In January 2019, Samir Patel (Baker Ruskinn Sales Director) and Andrew Skinn (Director) attended the 5th Meeting in Current Trends in Hypoxia Research.

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Team Healthcare Diagnostics Hong Kong


Team Healthcare Diagnostics Hong Kong

A successful CondoCell training session.

Baker Ruskinn at King’s College London - Replicating Physiological Oxygen Levels


Baker Ruskinn at King’s College London - Replicating Physiological Oxygen Levels

On February 23rd the Inaugural Physiological Oxygen Workshop and Educational Initiative which Baker helped to pioneer, was held at King's College London.

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Will vibration destroy my cell culture?

A hot new concept coming through the world of cell culture is the notion that the current “gold standard” method of culturing cells is good, but could be better.

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Baker Ruskinn Solutions Now Available Through SciPro

Baker Ruskinn has exciting news for researchers conducting anaerobic and low-oxygen cell culture in North America.

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Expanding Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Hypoxia Workstation

In this video, Prof. Nicholas Forsyth, Associate Director of the Institute of Science and Technology at Keele University in the UK, discusses how the use of a hypoxia workstation helped his team to develop a more efficient method of expanding mesenchymal stem cells for potential therapeutic use.

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Working With Lab Instruments Under Low Oxygen

When working with cells that require a low-oxygen atmosphere to thrive, it is important to create a continuously controlled environment to avoid oxidative stress.

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Low-Oxygen Stem Cell Studies: Free E-Book

Once again, Baker Ruskinn has sponsored a free, interactive e-book on low-oxygen studies, this time focused on stem cell research. 

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Low-Oxygen Cell Culture: Hypoxia Workstations

Cell and translational research often involves complex incubations and manipulations that require precise physiological low-oxygen conditions. For these specialized applications, a hypoxia workstation provides a continuous, controlled environment.

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Low-Oxygen Cell Culture: New Interactive E-Book Available

There’s a new resource available for those who want to learn more about methods for growing tissue and cells under low-oxygen conditions (hypoxia).

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