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Space within a biosafety cabinet can be limiting – especially when you are working with equipment (e.g. mice cages) or special instrumentation (e.g. microscopes). A “deep well” option can satisfy these requirements

Maximize Work Space within a Biosafety Cabinet

A cabinet with a deep well has a configurable work surface that can be removed from the cabinet. Up to four covers placed over the recessed well create an upper work surface in the cabinet. Combined with well dividers, the cabinet can be configured to optimize workflow and equipment requirements. Any or all of the work surface pieces may be used at any time or position in the cabinet. With access to more area, you can easily work safely within the biosafety cabinet.

Ergonomic Access to Your Work

Since researchers and technicians may spend many hours per day working within biosafety cabinets, user comfort is essential. Our research shows that productivity in the lab can be improved with appropriate ergonomic design. The additional depth provided by a deep well, actually improves ergonomic comfort for researchers. For example, the expanded work area allows a technician to place a cage in the recessed well, remove the lid, and perform the procedure, creating better efficiency and ergonomics over the cage.

Deep Well Cabinet Performance vs. Safety

When any changes are made to a cabinet – including if something is introduced in the work area – it should undergo full microbiological testing to prove that there is no disturbance to the airflow stream and that the classification and protection levels of the biosafety cabinet are maintained.

Examples of Custom Biosafety Cabinet Solutions

Custom biosafety cabinets with a deep well option are suitable for research and clinical diagnostic work involving tissue culturing of possibly infectious samples, animal cage-changing, live cell imaging, nuclear pharmacy preparations, and work with instrumentation. Here are a couple examples of how our customers have utilized this custom biosafety cabinet.

Select the Right Level of Protection for You and Your Research

Baker receives requests for custom biosafety cabinets all the time. Helping to meet our customers’ specific needs with custom innovations is what we are known for. Many of the design modifications that we’ve pioneered throughout our 60 year history are industry standards today. Review the different types of Class II Biosafety Cabinets by downloading this concise 2-page guide to Class II biological safety cabinets.