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In all scientific research applications, each cell type will benefit from keeping proper physiological cell growth conditions.

Cell culture incubators attempt to mimic physiological conditions, but atmospheric conditions within the laboratory and the environmental parameters incubators attempt to control and are lost with each door opening taking a long time to get back to the growth conditions your work is dependent on. This will impact the integrity of your work.

ReCO2ver™ provides users with precise, rapid control, as well as industry-leading stability, uniformity and recovery rates. Even with a full load, cell cultures grow consistently from shelf to shelf, for dependably high-quality, robust cells on every plate.

At Baker, we know how to prevent and control contamination. We’re leaders in the design and development of contamination control technology, innovating solutions in biosafety and biocontainment for more than 70 years.

Our ReCO2ver™ design draws on this extensive experience to protect precious cultures against the threat of contamination from a wide variety of sources, for a wide variety of scientific applications.

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