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An article in September’s Pharmacy Purchasing & Products

An article in September’s Pharmacy Purchasing & Products highlights how performing compounding inside pharmacy gloveboxes (aka, compounding aseptic isolators, or CAIs) has made workflows more efficient and increased flexibility during hospital layout changes.

At growing hospitals that compound most IVs in-house, such as the New Jersey medical center highlighted in the article, workflows are less efficient when pharmacy operations are centralized. Because pharmacy isolators can be installed anywhere, they allow the hospital to use a decentralized staffing model, where satellite pharmacies manage compounding for specific patient units. Decentralization allows pharmacies to gain workflow efficiencies that enable pharmacists and technicians to spend more time on direct patient care rather than manual tasks.

The mobility of pharmacy gloveboxes also eases changes in hospital layout, eliminating the challenges of adding a new compounding cleanroom.

Safe, Comfortable, Cost-Effective Compounding

Clean air and containment equipment play a critical role in day-to-day pharmacy operations, especially for the preparation of sterile injectable drugs. Glovebox isolators are essential pharmacy equipment for minimizing potential contamination and exposure during compounding. Learn about Baker’s line of pharmacy gloveboxes for sterile compounding and preparation of cytotoxic materials.

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