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The Baker Company’s mission to Support Science has never been more important!

At The Baker Company, we have been safeguarding you and your work since 1951. As the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, The Baker Company’s mission has never been more important!

We are extremely proud to say that we are supporting science, including those highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are helping to make our world a safer place during the current fight against COVID-19. Behind every COVID-19 test result there is a Medical Laboratory Scientist or Technician who plays a crucial part in the scientific research required.

Here at Baker, we have been supporting scientists and their discoveries for the last 7 decades and we will continue to #SupportScience worldwide for many more.

1. Darryl Falzarano leads team of 12 to develop a vaccine

As research teams across the world work at breakneck speed to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, Darryl Falzarano, a vaccine hunter at the University of Saskatchewan’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization is leading a team of 12 in the hope of finding a vaccine. Not only does Dr. Darryl Falzarano want to ensure the vaccine candidates remain safe, but he has also been instrumental in isolating COVID-19 and preparing the centres first test vaccine.


2. Three British universities join forces

Three British universities have joined forces with GB Electronics Ltd, Inovo Robotics and Unique Secure to develop an inexpensive, rapid diagnostic test which is able to detect the virus in six different people simultaneously within 30 minutes. Thanks to their investment, the test is now one step closer to coming onto the market.


3. Analyzing various mathematical and computational simulation models

A group of scientists from the University of Strathclyde are among researchers who are analyzing various mathematical and computational simulation models to support evidence-based planning during the current pandemic. The research will help to provide guidance on selecting and interpreting predictive models for helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.


4. AbCellera and Eli Lilly enter a multi-year research and licensing agreement

AbCellera and Eli Lilly have entered into a multi-year research and licensing agreement that will see them working together on the discovery of up to nine antibodies. The collaborative work of the two companies has allowed for the rapid identification and creation of antibody therapy, enabling the possible prevention and treatment of COVID-19.


5. 77,636,774 tests carried out worldwide

Globally, there have been a total of 77,636,774 tests carried out worldwide. Behind every COVID-19 test result, there is a Medical Laboratory Scientist or Technician playing a vital role.



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