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Baker in conjunction with Lab Manager magazine has released a new “Linda” Video: Volatile Chemicals: How Much Is Safe?

Baker, a global leader in air containment, contamination control, and controlled environments solutions and anaerobic and precision low-oxygen culture solutions for microbiology, cell culture applications in conjunction with Lab Manager magazine has released a new “Linda” Video: ‘Use of Volatile Chemicals in a Recirculated BSC: How Much Is Safe?

Choosing what type of primary engineering controls or ventilated enclosure is right for lab can sometimes be confusing. Volatile chemicals, while typically used in a fume hood, may sometimes be used in conjunction with biological experiments which often require the use of a biosafety cabinet (BSC). Join Linda and her team as they discover how to manage their volatile chemicals in a Class II Type A2 BSC. Watch the video. ‘Linda the lab manager’ videos provide viewers with expert advice on purchasing, servicing, and maintaining specific laboratory instruments and equipment.

In addition to the video, Baker features the following biosafety cabinet and other complementary solutions:

  • The SterilGARD® e3 Biological Safety Cabinet from Baker provides proven air containment and contamination controlled technology that saves energy, increases productivity and improves worker safety.
  • The BioChemGARD® e3 is a breakthrough in total-exhaust biological safety cabinets. Engineered specifically for laboratories that need containment and removal of vapors, mists and particulates, the BioChemGARD e3 has a revolutionary airflow system that increases users’ comfort and productivity while decreasing the overall operating costs.
  • Baker's FlexAIR Exhaust Connection combines the safety of a traditional canopy (thimble) exhaust connection with the lower exhaust flows of a traditional hard exhaust connection. This innovation in BSC venting saves energy and provides safer BSC performance. The FlexAIR system includes an alarm feature to indicate if the house exhaust system has slowed down or stopped, important for work with volatile organic solvents, gasses, or vapors.

Webinar: Volatile Chemicals and Class II Type A2 "Recirculated BSCs": How much is Safe?

Volatile chemicals, while typically used in a fume hood, may sometimes be used in conjunction with biological experiments which often require the use of a biosafety cabinet (BSC).

Baker has derived a series of equations to calculate the internal concentration, maximum amount allowed safely and the time required for the evacuation of any volatile chemical, shown both by calculation and experimentation.

Watch the webinar

New Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Tool

Baker is pleased to release a new tool designed to help you understand and compare the total lifetime costs associated with most biosafety cabinets. Baker’s new Biosafety Cabinet Total Cost of Ownership Calculator provides a quick total cost of ownership comparison between Baker’s own Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet and the costs associated with the average BSC.

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Lab Manager analyzes the strong link between business strategy, technological innovation and implementation. It is focused on the lab professional in a leadership role who is responsible for setting the lab’s direction and identifying, recommending and purchasing technology. It also offers a wide breadth of knowledge to the researchers in the field using lab equipment and seeking to learn about the latest in new technologies for their labs.


The Baker Company has long been identified as an industry pioneer in the field of biological safety with an unparalleled passion for helping its customers advance science, discovery and clinical care. The company was first established back in 1949 in response to a growing need to protect hospital workers from infectious diseases and the dangerous process of drug preparation. As solutions for air containment and contamination control have evolved over the years, The Baker Company has been at the forefront of design and innovation, always believing that there are no shortcuts and that there should be no minimum standards applied to the solutions that they supply. In 2011, the company acquired Ruskinn Technology Ltd., one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas-controlled, anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations for use in medical microbiology, cell biology, cancer research, molecular medicine and stem cell laboratories.

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