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InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring - a ConsortiEX integration with Baker Primary Engineering Controls

Baker and ConsortiEX have partnered to design an easy to implement process for achieving unparalleled visibility into the preparation of Compounded Sterile Products (CSPs). Leveraging Baker’s deep knowledge of clean air work stations, and ConsortiEX’s unique Pharmacy-Focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and services, to launch the InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring application. The partnership ensures you can confidently order a hardware configuration validated by Air Flow Smoke Pattern testing, with a defined Direct Compounding Area.

Maintain ISO Class 5 or better in your work area

Maintain ISO Class 5 or better in your work area

With InsightRX, ConsortiEX takes IV Workflow Management to a new level, moving beyond isolated snapshots at fixed points in time, to continuous video capability for more comprehensive monitoring.

Thorough Continuous monitoring assures a more complete view of your compounding processes, reducing the risk of a decoy syringe or bag being used for image capture.

InsightRX is a vision system designed to complement the Assure-Trak® IV Workflow Management application.

This innovative and comprehensive IV Workflow Management application seamlessly integrates both Batch Compounding and Dynamic Patient Specific Compounding modules to electronically capture the ingredients, production tasks, still images and video monitoring of Compounded Sterile Preparations - and distribute them to customers, or other hospitals in your system. ConsortiEX provides you a more versatile, thorough, and user-friendly way to track and trace pharmaceuticals throughout the medication use process, ensuring Total Ingredient Lifecycle Management…from Pedigree to Patient®.

With several camera mounting options to accommodate various sizes and styles of Laminar Flow Hoods and Biological Safety Cabinets, the InsightRX application provides users a view of the process and quality controls surrounding the compounding of sterile preparations.

Video content is logically organized for simple, straightforward retrieval. Whether producing a single patient-specific dose, or a batch of one-thousand syringes at a central fill location, accessing time-critical recordings is as easy as the click of a button with the InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring application.

Baker and ConsortiEX. Together, they provide you with a more detailed, proactive, and user-friendly way to deploy technology-assisted process controls throughout your health system.

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