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PhO2x Box

Cell Culture Chamber

Culture As Nature Intended

PhO2x Box comprises a Gas Controller and Cell Culture Chamber, and is designed for in vitro cell cultures using plates and small flasks, not live animals. The Cell Culture chamber module can be placed into any incubator, and the Gas Controller remains outside. PhO2x Box can accommodate a range of 6,12,24,96 well plates and some smaller flasks.


  • PhO2x Box comes in 2 sizes: 340 x 300 x 160 mm or 360 x 2300 x 230 mm (W x D x H), external dimensions.
  • Range CO2: 0.3-20%
  • Range O2: 0.3%- 20% (using compressed air)
  • Adjustable flow rate for compressed Air/O2, CO2 and N2 gases to speed up/ decrease ramping times
  • Easy set up
  • On screen data log displaying time/date/O2 set point/O2 value/CO2 set point/CO2 value (most recent 7 days). On screen warning that the data must be downloaded and no more data can be displayed.
  • Gas Controller version which has an air pump intake thereby obviating the need for a compressed Air cylinder, so user only has to source N2 and CO2 gases. There is a small filter over the air intake.

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