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Rapid Recovery Incubator

Absolute precision. Maximum protection.

At Baker, it is our job to deliver optimal “Environments for Science”™. Our ReCO2ver™ and ReCO2ver™ Plus incubators have been designed with that in mind, providing precision control over the environmental conditions your cells require to thrive while delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted.

Why? Because your work depends on it!


Achieve Optimal with your Rapid Recovery Incubator

In all scientific research applications, each cell type will benefit from keeping proper physiological cell growth conditions.

Achieve Optimal with your Rapid Recovery Incubator

Cell culture incubators attempt to mimic physiological conditions, but atmospheric conditions within the laboratory and the environmental parameters incubators attempt to control are lost with each door opening taking a long time to get back to the growth conditions your work is dependent on. This will impact the integrity of your work.

  • Vertical, downward airflow
  • Large, full-face HEPA filter
  • Crevice-free interior with coved corners
  • Fogless interior door with heated frame
  • Superior condensation control
  • Ultrasonic humidity delivery system
  • H2O2 Bio Decon Method Direct heat

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