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AeroPROTECT 360°

Aseptic Containment Enclosure

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AeroPROTECT 360° is a truly versatile containment enclosure for laboratory automation. Baker’s exclusive technology maximizes product protection and meets ISO Class 5 (Class 100) air cleanliness requirements. AeroPROTECT 360° features a series of four biocontainment enclosures designed specifically to house robotics systems, such as automatic liquid handlers.

AeroPROTECT 360° is uniquely designed to provide optimum personnel and environmental protection from aerosols and particulates associated with the use of automatic liquid handling systems. All exhausted air is completely HEPA filtered. In addition, the interior of the enclosure is completely bathed in unidirectional, non-turbulent HEPA filtered air, offering product protection and an aseptic work environment that meets or exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions.


  • Tool-less entry to interior components and modular fan/filter make maintenance easy
  • Available in four widths: 5.5’, 8’, 11’ and 16’
  • Hinged view screen with two 13½” [343 mm] front sliding doors creates a 10” [254mm] opening for access when the cabinet is in operation
  • Hinged front doors opening 57” [1,447 mm] x 32 ½ “[876 mm] of clear opening
  • Stainless steel down flow filter diffuser/protector
  • Motor speed control
  • Sensocon® pressure gauge monitors exhaust/supply static pressure
  • Fluorescent lights illuminate interior work area
  • Audible alarm warning when either a high or low flow condition is present for more than 3 seconds
  • Maintenance access for filters, lights, motor/blower, and electrical components
  • Supply filter HEPA filtration 99.99% at 0.3 microns
  • Exhaust Filter HEPA filtration 99.99% at 0.3 microns
  • Leveling casters are used for ease of movement on unit, once unit is positioned into place, unit can be leveled

  • 2.75” [69.85 mm] inner diameter cable ports, qty. of two (2) total. One (1) in left side wall and one (1) in right side wall
  • Side access door opening 26”[660mm] W x 36”[914mm] H
  • Power connections 230 V or 208 V services, single phase or phase, up to 10 A

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