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Lab Equipment That Works the Way You Do

At Baker, we pride ourselves on building relationships with customers that have high expectations and exacting specifications

To our customers, there is no such thing as a standard product. That's why we build our laboratory equipment around the way you work. Every Baker product is built for maximum customizability, from the petcocks to the plumbing, the control panel to the finish. Our can-do philosophy is that no laboratory should ever have to accommodate cookie-cutter equipment.

Examples of the kinds of modifications our customers have requested include:

  • Touchscreen controls
  • Removable work surface with deep well to accommodate large cages or equipment
  • Customized cabinet installed on a sailboat for marine toxicology research
  • Microscope-ready cabinet with ergonomic viewing "bubble" around oculars
  • Dished clean bench worksurface
  • All-stainless construction with integrated pass-through
  • USB connectivity for powering instruments or logging data
  • Integrated camera for monitoring compliance for medication preparation
  • Monitoring and verifying air cleanliness for tissue manufacturing with an embedded isokinetic probe
  • Housing a radioactivity dose calibrator inside a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet

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